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Wheelchair Information

wheelchair information
Wheelchair Van Rental in Puerto Rico?

I would like to receive information on handicap accessible vans. I am planning a trip to Puerto Rico and my son has cerebral palsy and we need to hire a van that has tamed a wheelchair and ramp. Any information that you may be helpful can provide. Thanks Manuel Lopez

I live in PR and I personally know of no place to go but that offers, like the Yellow Pages, but for Puerto Rico. I give the word wheelchair and had two results: Wheelchair Transportation and Tours & Wheel Chair Shop Hope this helps!

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Wheelchair Accessibility Issues

wheelchair accessibility issues
wheelchair accessibility issues

What You Should Know About Disabled Access

Access to buildings and public areas is of crucial importance for people with disabilities. Not able to use the bathroom or enter a particular building is one of the frustrating aspects of being disabled. It is often very easy to somewhere accessible for a disabled person to make and take small steps towards making it possible is extremely important. Law in force since that providing disabled access in all public buildings and workplaces increasingly important and is also the new build properties are built with handicap access.

It is very rare, that a house is prepared for the disabled is used. Most apartments equipped for disabled guests, so most people with disabilities come to go on the improvements to their homes on their own. As a result, much of the work being done at home, and is tailored specifically to the needs the person concerned. There are some initiatives in place, is to encourage the developers to include basic features are disabled in new buildings. Things like Zero-step entries and wide doors for wheelchair access to make houses for the majority of the people and as a result more people can travel freely in the Houses of the people.

Britain is one of the best countries in the world for the provision of access for disabled people in the home. This is in part with Law that was passed by Parliament to do. In 1999 a law was passed that detailed requirements for seven apartment buildings with more than four Units have. These seven requirements are:

1) There must be an accessible building entrance on an accessible route
2) The sharing and the public areas must be accessible to all
3) Accessibility must be able to use the doors
4) There must be a full Access route into and through the dwelling to be
5) The controls must be accessible. These include thermostats, light switches, sockets and the environment
6) The walls in the bathrooms must be strengthened so that they are installed just for grab bars at a later date
7) The bathrooms and kitchens must be used

The United Kingdom has a very progressive attitude to the creation of housing that is accessible to people with disabilities. Unfortunately, the United States not as a strict attitude towards the problem. This is because the Americans do not typically live in the houses are covered by the law. Most Americans live in single family homes real estate, not by the Americans with Disabilities Act or the Fair Housing Act are met. The only houses covered and required to provide access, the government built residential areas, which only accounts for a very small percentage of the total number of houses in the United States of America. This means that even new houses for people with disabilities to meet and have very real issues of accessibility. This means that new Houses of the problems that occur in old houses face. It seems like this is not in any way to get the best of the opportunity, things as standard.

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Shaun Parker investigates the various needs and requirements of people living life with a disability or loss of mobility due to illness, injury or old age. If you need disabled access then visit

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Wheelchair Accessibility Guidelines

wheelchair accessibility guidelines
wheelchair accessibility guidelines

Handicapped Accessible Wheelchair Lifts

Wheelchair lifts provide a means of independent mobility for the handicapped on wheelchairs. Nowadays public buildings such as offices, recreational buildings, educational institutions, hospitals, religious centers, community centers, shopping malls, airports and train stations have made special provisions for the easy movement of handicapped wheelchair users. The arrangements include smooth and unrestricted movement for the wheelchairs through doors, stages, vertical platforms, and stairs. In buildings where elevators are not required or cannot be installed, handicapped accessible wheelchair lifts can be installed for vertical accessibility of the wheelchair users.

Design Considerations of Wheelchair Lifts

Wheelchair lifts can be designed in such a way that they can fit into existing or new building structures with minimum modifications, and can be used in any weather conditions. Handicapped accessible wheelchair lifts can be installed permanently or on a temporary basis. Temporary lifts are usually lightweight, portable ones which can be wheeled around, and transported easily from one place to another. These can be stored away safely when not in use.

Wheelchair lifts are designed to meet safety standards and are to be installed in conformation with ADA guidelines and other building codes. They can be used for year round performance, and are available in various sizes and weights depending on the load these need to handle. These lifts can be manually operated during power outages, and have safety features such as control pads and emergency stop button.

Economical and Reliable Option

Wheelchair lifts are an economical option in buildings where installing elevators is next to impossible, unnecessary, forbidden or too expensive. They are safe to use, lightweight, reliable and affordable compared to elevators. Handicapped accessible wheelchair lifts are easy to use and require little maintenance; these are a great boon for handicapped wheelchair users.

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Handicapped Accessible Wheelchair Lifts – DAY Elevator & Lift provides a complete range of accessibility products such as wheelchair lifts, stair lifts, platform lifts etc.

Wheelchair accessible Chevy Silverado 2500 HD PICKUP!

Wheelchair Transportation

wheelchair transportation
wheelchair transportation

Folding Power Wheelchairs for the Disabled Traveler

Often, people experience illness or temporarily disabilities after surgery that require them to use medical devices such as canes, crutches, or wheelchairs, to allow them to move from place to place. Sometimes, however, people are forced to rely on these devices for long periods. Folding power wheelchairs are perfect for people who have decided not to let their health condition prevent them from living normal lives.

In comparison to other power wheelchairs, these chairs are much more lightweight. The frames are designed to fold easily so that they will easily fit in cars, airplanes, or other venues that offer little extra room. People who travel frequently can quickly become accustomed to storing them in smaller spaces.

In addition to being more lightweight, the folding chairs are much less expensive than other power wheelchairs. The price of a custom chair often begins at about $3,500. In comparison, the cost of a portable chair is about $1,200.

Individuals who are considering the purchase of a power wheelchair may find that private insurance companies, as well as government-sponsored healthcare such as Medicare or Medicaid often cover these. Be aware, however, that these companies often will not pay for more than one wheelchair for a disabled person. For this reason, it is important to consider carefully all factors before deciding on which type of wheelchair is best for that person’s use.

People who travel rarely and require a wheelchair may elect to spend significant funds in purchasing equipment that meets all of their daily needs in comfort. Those who travel frequently may find that a portable folding chair may be much more satisfactory for their general needs.

Often, people who require this type of transportation assistance consider electric scooters. These may be very useful for people who do not require wheelchair transport on a daily basis. Those who do, however, may find that a portable power wheelchair is much more convenient for their lifestyles.

These wheelchairs are much less expensive than scooters. Furthermore, these wheelchairs are much more portable than scooters. While most scooters require specialized vans, buses, or trucks to move them from location to location, folding wheelchairs fit into the trunk of most cars that are midsized or larger.

While people who do not travel frequently may find a more expensive customized chair better suited to them, people who lead active lives often prefer portable wheelchairs. These amazing devices allow people to lead active lives and to move around conveniently and independently. Folding power wheelchairs are definitely the right choice for active people who choose not to be handicapped by their disabilities.

About the Author is a website fully devoted to giving you the very best information regarding wheelchairs and wheelchair accessories. Whether you’re looking to find the best wheelchairs available and you’d like to know your options with folding power wheelchairs, or you simply want to know the advantages of portable wheelchair ramps, we’ve got you covered!

Transport Wheelchair | Make Sure You Have Proper Wheelchair

Wheelchair Accessible Shower

wheelchair accessible shower

Turning your home or office into hadicap accessible area

It is important for people with disability whether temporary or permanent to continue their everyday jobs and chores with ease and comfort. If you are planning to make your home or office handicap friendly and accessible, then you may want to check the simple yet helpful guidelines below:

Home Tips:

It should be wide enough to allow walker and wheelchair access.  If the doorway is positioned in a typical hallway and needs turning a wheelchair, then you will need a wider door and floor space.  

Bathtub and shower grab bars should be installed in order to provide support.  You can also place a tub transfer seat that allows persons to sit in the tub and take a bath or shower.  In this way, the person does not necessarily have to lower himself to the tub floor.  

Toilet seat:
The height can be customize and adapted from one individual to another.  It can be replaced with raised seats or other special units.  Installing toilet grab bars can be very useful in providing individuals safety transfer from and to a wheelchair.  

Sinks and faucets:
Vanity cabinets may be removed from below the sink.  Pedestal style sinks can provide more space to maneuver.  You can also replace faucets with single lever controls.  But consider using an anti-scald temperature control to prevent water temperature from going beyond its limit.  

Office Tips:

Office location:
The workplace must be located as near as possible to public transportation routes – subway stops and bus shelters.  There must be curb cuts in the blocks around the building for people using wheelchairs or scooters.  

Parking space:
Persons with disabilities should be reserved with designated parking areas and properly marked.  It must be next to the building entrance.  Spaces should be enough to have room when transferring from wheelchair to vehicle.  

It should be visibly marked with suitably big and legible signage to prevent any difficulty for people with visual disabilities.  The signage must be immediately noticeable upon entering the building.  It has to indicate locations of elevators, offices, rest rooms and other facilities.  

Travel path:
When there is a change in level of travel path inside or outside the building, elevators, ramps or other facilities should be provided.  This allows the person to reach the other level without the need to use the stairs or escalators.

Building entrances must have electric, automatic hinged or sliding doors except when existing doors are wide enough to accommodate passage of wheelchairs.  The doors must permit trouble-free clearance for people in wheelchairs when opened.

Rest rooms:
Its doors are recommended to be automatic.  There should be at least 1 sink reachable to persons using wheelchairs.  Horizontal bars should be positioned on the wall side of the stall closest to the toilet.  Soap or towel dispensers must be also reachable to persons in wheelchairs.   

The guidelines mentioned will not only provide our handicap friends with convenience but most importantly it can help them become more productive and efficient individuals despite their health conditions.

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When Wheelchair Accessible Disabled Bathrooms Won’t Work

City Wheelchairs San Francisco

city wheelchairs san francisco
city wheelchairs san francisco
Can we bring snacks onboard when flying United Airlines?

It’s a domestic flight from Wichita to Denver to San Francisco and THEN to Crescent City, CA, so it’s going to be a long day, with 3 lay-overs. Also, my husband will be in a wheelchair (not onboard – thru the airport terminals only), so would be better off checking our luggage, or using carry-on. He’d have to hold it on his lap.

If you’re going to have 3 layovers, then I’d definitely recommend checking your luggage so that you don’t have to carry it thru each airport. And yes you can bring snacks on board, but you cannot go thru security with any drinks. Your drinks have to be bought once you’ve passed thru security.

Disability Rights Cambridge MA San Francisco A Comparison

Wheelchair Clipart

wheelchair clipart
Wheelchair+I love myself =?

I had a dream about going to a tattoo parlor and got a tramp stamp of a wheel chair (like in clipart on the computer) and on my left hand, an “I love myself” tattoo. But then, the day after that dream, I was reunited with a former band director whom I cherished, so I was wondering, does that mean my dream meant seeing an old friend?

Avoid the tattoos. You might want to meet someone you cherish that doesn’t think they are cool at all. (Most people don’t). The topics of them show they will cripple you in life. Dreams are there to support life, success, creativity, health and relationships, and steer us from things that will harm or endanger us.

Wheelchair Vampire Episode 4

Wheelchair Ramp Design

wheelchair ramp design
wheelchair ramp design
Wheelchair ramps design and building instructions ?

could you please direct me to some good sites on line.

The main thing on the wheelchair ramp is for every 12″ of run is to have 1″ of fall.

I made a query on yahoo and pulled up the ADA specs below. If that doesn’t work, query google for the ADA specs

Wheelchair Ramp – Design Considerations

Wheelchair Users

wheelchair users
wheelchair users
Wheelchair in place, the snow?

She put snow track on your wheelchair

No, but I try, new tires and batteries received in October, so I have enough power and traction in mud and ice. Good outdoor clothing is also a must.

Crutches, walkers, wheelchairs Linked from thousands of injuries in children injured or disabled children and young people are likely to use crutches his so-called mobility aids, walkers, wheelchairs and able to move, reported Science Daily. But could the use of such equipment in these pediatric demographic at increased risk for injury place. Cite an ambitious study of the Center for Injury Research and Policy conducted the […]


What are some problems you have encountered being in a wheelchair?

I am writing a story, in which my main character is in a wheelchair. To make my story believeable, I am asking people who are wheelchair bound, what are some of the problems you encounter?

This could be with ANYTHING (parking, shopping, cooking, relationships, weather, etc)- as I truly want my character to show folks what it is like to deal with being in a wheelchair.

I thank you in advance!

Once, when I had surgery, I was in a wheel chair for about a month. It was an eye-opening experience for me because I was unaware until then how badly people in wheelchairs are treated. One thing, trying to get through a door in a busy place is challenging because people actually shove you aside, so to say, and go through themselves without holding the door open for you. Also, in malls, people were always asking me to watch stuff for them, including shopping bags and even toddlers (!) wherever I was parked as my children were shopping. And, the design of many wheelchairs is highly unstable. They tip over easily on curbs and such. And, people who push you in the chair “play” with it as though it’s a toy, popping wheelies and going too fast and riding on the back of it and bumping it too hard for the person’s comfort in the chair. Bathrooms are scary because they are cramped for wheelchairs. It’s shocking how many people walking by someone in a wheelchair just rudely lift it a bit out of their way or push it away without considering it an extension of the person in the wheelchair.

Rick Mercer: Wheelchair Rugby

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