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Wheelchair Accessible Homes

wheelchair accessible homes
How can I file for fiancee visa if my GF cant travel alone?

My GF has polio and she cant wheelchair by herself. She uses powerchair at home but I think its not convenient for her to travel with POwerchair and i dont have accessible van to fetch her. I dont have a place of my own too and dont have much money to support her. Do you think she will pass the fiancee visa requirements? I love her with all my heart and I want to be with her forever. I am disabled too and cant push her WC but I am willing to sacrifice just to be with her..

assuming that you are the petitioner (the one starting the visa process) …. you have to prove that you have the financial resources to support her when she gets here.

Can I assume the point is to get married?

You need a K-1 visa. You file to get the whole thing started. she has to respond .. and apply for her visa so she can leave to go where you are …..

check out visa great site!!!

as long as you have financial resources … I think you would be able to do this ……

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Wheelchair Accessible Homes For Sale

wheelchair accessible homes for sale
I am looking for a rent to buy or a house for sale by owner?

I am a 24 year old disabled mother of three young kids and we have been homeless since January 1 2008. As you can imagine with me being in a wheelchair and our income limited finding a wheelchair accessible house or apartment to rent has proven impossible and we do not have a down payment to buy a house. What we are looking for is someone who is good hearted enough to work with us to do a rent to own or someone who is selling and wants to do a sale by owner contract. We can afford 500 to 750 a month and can fix the place up. My husband is good at home repairs and we would take good care of the place, not only that but we are good for the money and will be able without a doubt to pay monthly. Right now we live in Washington state but we are willing to relocate. Please is there someone who is willing to help us? Thank you

Since you are low income and disabled you should qualify for hud, it sort of depends on why your husband earns so little money.

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